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Certifying Documents

In this matter we limit our work to the translating and certifying of foreign documents, as well as, where necessary and on request, acting as interpreters in dealings with the Portuguese authorities.

For matters pertaining to documentation required in Portugal, the official body known as SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service) provides an online prior appointment system, in addition to all the information required to live or work here. Please consult the official website:

Another institution that provides a service in this area is CNAIM (The National Immigrant Integration Support Centre). It provides a range of support in different fields (Education, Health, SEF, Social Security, and Citizens Space). See:

For detailed information on nationality issues, certificates, authentication of documents, civil records (births, marriages, deaths, residence certificates, criminal records, powers of attorney and other matters) please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The IRN (Institute of Registrars and Notaries) https://irn.justiç also offers a wide range of information, and provides the forms needed to complete procedures.

If you need the services of a Notary Public near where you live, you can find one at Our firm employs the services of Notário FSF – Frederico Soares Franco – whose office is at Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, nº 21 (3rd floor), which is close to the Civil Registry Office (<500m); the Commercial Registry Office (< 500m) and the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). Given the situation we are all living through at the moment, all appointments must be made online viaório-notarial-de-lisboa-de-fredrico-fernandes-soares-franco/. You can find the telephone numbers on that webpage.

The Procuradoria Geral da República (Attorney General’s Office) is the government body that can endorse translated and authenticated documents by attaching an apostille, if that is required. Appointments have to be made online at

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